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What’s in it For U!


There are a million websites out there that teach you either about photography or about taking stock photos.

This is not one of them.  It simply chronicles my trials and tribulations as I meander through the seemingly saturated world of photographers, stock photography and what have you.

But how did I make a million dollars by photography, stock photos and this website in just one year?

Your very first question would be: how did I do it, and how did I spend the staggering amount?

Err…..Ok well, the money hasn’t arrived as yet. So how much is left remaining from the million dollars? Well, actually darn lot of it. Think like, the complete million.

So it’s a con right? Not really. I intend to earn a million dollars solely through this site and my own photography and nothing else, and that also in a year’s time. And to give back 10% of that amount to the have-nots.

So if I haven’t earned the money as yet, why on earth am I claiming it as being done?

Read any self-development books lately? All of them tell you to write your goals down as if already achieved. That’s precisely what I have done.

Who the hell do I think I am?

I’m just your average Joe with average photography skills and a couple of above average cameras who takes average photographs and still wants to earn a cool million through this passion. An average David against the mighty Goliaths of photography business. Ridiculous nah?  Or is it outrageous?

Most of you would say the photography domain is cut-throat, there’s more supply than demand. That anyone with a decent camera (or even an indecent one) thinks he’s a hotshot photographer, flooding the photoscape with his mediocre stuff.

Some would say that the days of minting money from stock photos are over. Others would say that photography wasn’t a lucrative enough niche to start with, and that things have just been blown out of proportion.

And all of you would write me off as a lunatic. And you’re probably right.

But I’ve got nothing to lose. And in a year’s time I would be better off having had this goal to push me against the wall than nothing at all.

The advantages are tremendous, financial gains aside. I would have become a much better photographer than I am right now and better able to pursue my goals in the future.  I would have gained more friends, developed business alliances, created rivals and left a few adversaries in my wake.

Not to forget copycats. Heck, who knows, maybe I would end up carving out a full-fledged niche out of it.

Every web junkie would then be coming up with  a journey-style website to earn a million dollars and chronicle the journey.  You would then have a million dollar site by a taxi driver chronicling his rounds, eavesdropping and sharing the conversations of his riders on the blog, a teenager aspiring to become a drug peddler. Hell, even a janitor chronicling his ‘sweeping’ journey and aspiring to earn a million bucks from his website. I can already see a movement forming with a million followers.

But why a million bucks? Why not 10 million Pounds, or 100 million Euros? Or why not a more realistic $100,000? For one, the dollar still catches people’s fancy in spite of it being battered and bruised. Secondly, a million dollars is a unique amount, in the sense that while it elicits excitement, it is still a gettable target. With the dollar losing value by the second, a million dollars isn’t that big a deal that it was, say 10 or 20 years ago. So while it’s still a stiff target, it’s not something impossible to earn in a year’s timeframe.

Whatever the hell inspired me? The movie Julie and Julia for one. Of course Julie had to transform into a narcissistic being of the highest order to pull this off. I’m already that so won’t have much problems in that department.

Exactly how I intend to pull this off? That’s what this site is all about. I will be sharing each and every tactic I learn and apply, and the outcomes of those tactics. What mistakes I made and what I learnt from them. And of course the successes.

I will also be sharing here how I share the 10% donations. Most of them, no, make it all of them will be given to children shelters and stuff, anything to do with kids, and those organizations will be targeted that do not have a sound funding by NGOs.

So come with me on this journey as I change from a point-and-shoot camera to a DSLR, learn the craft of photography in real terms, and then go on to earn shitloads of Moolah. And of course how I give 10% of what I earn to charity. 10% of 1 Million dollars comes out to be $100,000. So that’s the amount of money I will be giving away over the course of this journey.

And what will happen when this journey is over? I’ll probably write a book about it chronicling how I did it and probably make another cool million!

If you’re interested in some of my other work (can’t see how you would after reading the above crap), do go through some of other websites:

1. Restaurants Uncut

2. Travel Hustling


And no. None of these brag about earning a million bucks from them.

 Whats in it For U!
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Saqib Khan at Brandasy
I’m an engineer, marketer, photographer, writer and food critic all rolled into one.

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 Whats in it For U!
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