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Plan for Holiday Shooting in November-December 2013


DSCN7142 Plan for Holiday Shooting in November December 2013

I plan to go abroad by the end of November/start of December for the sole purpose of photography. My goal is to be able to take enough photographs and sell them so as to cover at least 50% of the travel expenses.

IMG 0124 1024x682 Plan for Holiday Shooting in November December 2013 DSCN6981 1024x768 Plan for Holiday Shooting in November December 2013

DSCN6976 1024x768 Plan for Holiday Shooting in November December 2013

Where I will go hasn’t been decided as yet. The list of places I’ve come up with are Thailand, Indonesia, Bangkok, Bali, Singapore, Cairo, Egypt, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Kuala Lumpur,  Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Istanbul. The find destination will depend on the demand of stock photographs of that particular country or city.

I intend to do an extensive research based on the interesting strategy proposed by Peter Bergdahl in his youtube video series.

You may wonder why Europe, North & South America, and Australia are excluded from this list. Simply put, I don’t have the budget to travel there. The airline ticket alone to many of these countries would cost me equivalent to my entire tour budget. In the future when I’ve enough saved, I will definitely fly to Europe at least. For this trip, it’s a bleak possibility.

Now coming to the travel companions. Unfortunately, I’ve got only two single friends left. Out of those two, one has recently switched jobs and the new job doesn’t allow him to take a leave until one year has elapsed. Cruel rule.

The second friend although has enough leaves in the kitty but has a weird problem. He just has enough money to grow hair on his head. What the fuck? Hell, yes.

You see, girls these days have become averse to bald heads. It was a smoking hot trend just a few years ago, what with hunks like Vin Diesel personifying that look.

Not anymore. Girls wants oodles of hair on the head, on the chest, on the…… ahem. Anyway the bloke feels he has missed out on a few prospective brides just because of his receding hairline. He now doesn’t want take any chance and is saving money for the transplant. Getting married is more important to him than taking a holiday abroad. Poor chap doesn’t realize there won’t be any foreign holidays once he does get married.

And that leaves me with no one to travel. What about the married pals? Are you out of your freakin mind? Their doting wives would strangle them in cold blood if they so much as think about going on a holiday abroad without them. What can I say, perils of the married life.

So if you know anyone planning a holiday abroad around late November and December, let me know. And it would be great if that someone or group has an affinity towards photography because my entire holiday schedule would revolve around that one activity.

Looking for travel companions. That should have been the title of this blog post. So what are your plans for holiday shooting?

 Plan for Holiday Shooting in November December 2013
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 Plan for Holiday Shooting in November December 2013
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