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Most of the sites pertaining to photography are either how-to guides, camera review sites, stock photo sites or sites by photographers showcasing their talent or promoting their services, which is mostly wedding photography.

There’s no site that actually takes the reader on a journey of how one became a photographer, what were the hurdles in starting out, what were the pitfalls along the way and how did you overcome them.

So instead of publishing how-to articles of how to take a photograph, what camera and settings to use and what props to use – things that the internet is already brimming with, I will showcase my own trials and tribulations. Instead of taking a condescending tone of an expert, it would be sort of an autobiographical account of sharing all my experiences and mistakes as I delve deeper into the world of photography.

The Works:

  1. How did I research for my first DSLR, who did I ask for, which sites helped me out
  2. What camera I finally ended up with
  3. What other equipment I bought along with it?
  4. What other equipment I intend to buy
  5. Whether I’m satisfied with my camera and what other camera I intend to purchase
  6. What places I’ve visited to take photographs and difficulties faced
  7. What objects I’ve photographed and how did they turn out
  8. Photos I’ve submitted to stock photo sites and their fate
  9. How much I’ve earned from the approved photos.
  10. 10.  Why any particular photo was not approved, asking about it on the stock site forum and sharing the responses and advice I get with my readers on this site

11. Sharing how much I earn from each stock site and which stock site pays the best and on which one it is easier to sell photos.

Most of the posts would be accompanied by photographs I’ve taken, both the good and the bad and how did I compose a particular photograph.


Most niche sites never interview the successful people in that category. Most webmasters are so caught up in their own expertise that they fear admitting and showcasing someone else in their field to be an equally good expert.

I  on the other hand will find and interview all photographers I can find to inspire my readers. Right from the pros down to the amateurs. The rationale is to drive home the point that making good sums of money is very much possible, as proven by these fine people already earning substantial income from it. And just because I haven’t started earning good money from it as yet doesn’t mean that the path I’m following and guiding others towards won’t lead to a path of riches and prosperity in this niche.


In addition to the day-to-day photos that I take, I would also be showcasing the thousands of photos I’ve taken with point and shoot cameras, both reel and digital, taken over a 20 year period.

That would show my progression before and after I started taking photography seriously.

The sidebar will show the statistics of how many photographs I’ve taken with a particular camera or mobile phone.

In the sidebar would also be a meter showing how much money I’ve earned in a month as well as cumulative from stock photos, website advertising and freelance photography opportunities. The web revenue would be further sub-divided into adsense, direct advertisers or ads served through OpenX network. All these details would be shared with the readers of the site.

Apart from the sidebar meter showing monthly summary of revenue, a monthly report in the form of a post would also be published highlighting the detailed breakdown of all revenue streams. It would also show the opportunities that materialized in that month and lost opportunities along the way.


Promotion would be done through your usual Web 2.0 tools. Both Pinterest and Instagram would be probed and leveraged intensely while my existing profiles on Facebook and other networks would also be used to promote the website.


People are interested in a human voice, be it in the form of words, to connect and follow. Most of the sites in any segment or niche fail to achieve that, following the format of a news site. Pat Flynn is a successful blogger whose secret to success has been the path he has taken, sharing his wealth reports in a transparent manner with his readers so that they know precisely how much they’ll be able to benefit in monetary terms by following his techniques.

I intend to do something along the same lines but in an even more personalized way.

Stock photos is a highly competitive niche, so my aim is not to keep it as the sole source of income. Multiple sources of income in photography would mean in addition to selling stock photos, generating income from this site via banners, affiliate marketing, selling photos directly to companies and maybe even through photo shoots if I someone hires me to do it.

So come along this journey with me as I share my trials and tribulations in reaching the seemingly insurmountable $1,000,000 Himalaya.

What about you? Do you have a website related to photography? Are you earning money through it? What obstacles have you faced? Do share your experience.

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