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Wekh Lahore Photography Contest

Wekh Lahore Photography Contest Wekh Lahore Photography Contest

Wekh Lahore Photography contest

Wekh Lahore is the second photography contest being arranged by the Photographic Society of Pakistan, and coincidentally is also the second time I’m competing in a photography contest. The first one was the international Wiki Loves Monuments Contest. I couldn’t create even a dent at that one, let alone an impression, so let’s see how this one goes.

The way Wekh Lahore Photography Contest is structured, you had to submit your photos according to certain specs via email from December 23rd till 15th January which were then going to be printed on canvas and put up at the ensuing exhibition at the Al Hamra Arts Council on 26th January.

There were three categories, Monuments, Architecture and Street Life, and you could submit a maximum of four photos for each category. And for each photo shortlisted to be displayed at the exhibition, you’ll have to pay Rs.500. Fair enough.

Considering the intense competition and the number of people participating- their gmail address was clogged because of the entries and they had to extend the deadline by one day – I would be surprised if even one of my photo gets shortlisted.

It’s not that I suck at taking great photos – ok maybe I do and I don’t want to admit it, but the thing is, I’m not a Lahori and what little chance I get to visit Lahore, I don’t get much chance to go out and capture the places. They are business visits where I have to sneak out of the office to capture what little I can. Now think of the Lahoris who can saunter out there anytime of the day and year and snap awesome photos when everything is in perfect alignment – the weather, the light, the mood.

Waisey I’m surprised at the name of the organization – The Photographic Society of Pakistan. No offence but they haven’t done anything that represents even a quarter of Pakistan. They did their first exhibition with the spotlight on Lahore and now they are doing it again with Lahore. They are not making the effort to even the entire Punjab. It seems they have the same aspirations as the Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif.

Let’s hope they let go off their myopia soon and expand their reach to cover as much of Pakistan as possible.

For now let’s see how the Wekh Lahore Photography Contest fares and whether I’m able to create any impression at this exhibition.

The posts that follow will showcase the photos that I’ve submitted for the Wekh Lahore Photography Contest. Please feel free to criticize them constructively or just shred them to pieces. Either way I’ll eagerly wait for your feedback.

 Wekh Lahore Photography Contest
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 Wekh Lahore Photography Contest
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